she can t pursue her favorite sport?

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she can t pursue her favorite sport?

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锘? When contemplating strategies for getting financial help with colleges in such a dire economy, getting recruited to play college sports should be at the top of any student athlete s list. Given that premise, in the environment that men s college football recruiting has created Asdrubal Cabrera Jersey , girls rule, and mens football recruiting may be the best thing that ever happened to womens college recruiting.

How does mens football recruiting fit into the equation? A disproportionately large number of mens scholarships go to football (up to 85 per school). To equalize sports opportunities across both genders, colleges support a broad range of womens sports via scholarships. In fact, female athletes who start planning very early in high school may even be able to pick up a sport they have never competed in before, and find great athletic scholarship opportunities through the college recruiting process. And for those who worry that athletics will take the focus off of academics Addison Reed Jersey , fear not, as female athletes have even higher college graduation rates than female college students who dont compet e (Division 1 71 vs. 64 , and Division 2 64 vs. 51 compiled from NCAA sources).

By the time girls get to high school, most know if they re athletically inclined, and they have usually narrowed in on one or two sports of choice. But reality sometimes intervenes. A female student athlete may have picked a sport that is highly competitive and she doesnt make the team. She may not like the coaching staff or they may not like her. She may have an injury that prevents her from pursuing her sport of choice. She may be interested in other things like student government or theatre New York Mets Hats , which conflict with the timing of the sport season. Or she may just get burned out or bored with her sport. What should a committed student athlete do if she can t pursue her favorite sport?

There are all kinds of interesting sports opportunities available to girls who are willing to learn about them. Scholarships are offered for women in 24 sports in Division 1 and Division 2. If these sports are not offered at the high school level, there are probably club or recreational teams available somewhere nearby. It may be fairly easy to establish oneself as a player because many of these sports don t necessarily get the press that more .
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