Adidas Superstar II Rose Blue fashion

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Adidas Superstar II Rose Blue fashion

Message par aeeJoyce4 » Lun 15 Mai, 2017 2:42


The Brand with the Three Stripes has been changing its spots back and forth from cheetah to leopard, to a whole range of animal prints that’ve made for one of 2012’s most memorable trends. After Detroit rapper Big Sean showed off an Adidas Superstar II wholesale price with leopard upper about a year ago, we saw similar looks from Japanese retailers Kinetics and ABC-Mart, plus plenty of other cat and otherwise wild inspirations.

adidas has had some tough luck during each of the last two summers, and you’ve gotta feel like at least some of the basketball-related hard times has contributed to the fact that unlike Nike Sportswear’s extensive use of Hyperfuse in updating classic silhouettes, we’ve only seen adidas apply SprintWeb/Frame technology to the Forum. Maybe one day we’ll see a Crazy Light Adidas Superstar II online, but for now, the lightweight shelltoe comes in a more traditional package. The adidas Originals Superstar 2 Lite brings us the most recent revision to this iconic silo, equipped with a leather upper, suede Stripes, jersey sockliner and a lightweight EVA-injected sole.

While the Star Wars x adidas Originals collaboration may have died down a bit from when the team-up was first hitting shelves, the saga continues here as adidas is bringing it back after the initial string of releases, apparently taking a page out of the George Lucas playbook. The Adidas Superstar II Navy White Stock shown here is inspired by the ice planet Hoth, manifsted in the cool mixture of blues and whites on the upper and the icy soles on bottom.

The Adidas Superstar II Rose Blue fashion is an undeniable classic of 80’s design, a shoe that ruled the world with its shell toe and three stripes. Fortunately the adidas Originals line has been generous in re imagining this popular model, this time coming with two new pairs in a complete nylon set up. The two new Superstars shown here come in some nice summer colorways, sticking to a monochrome approach in collegiate royal and aero reef, respectively.

It might surprise you to hear since these are in the Three Stripes pantheon just as Nike has models like the Air Force 1, Dunk and Blazer, but there simply aren’t any adidas Originals Superstars made of denim. Nike Sportswear is regularly using the jeans material on their sneakers but the above pictured Superstar Lite LTO is following only two pairs before it. You have to look all the way back to a 2006 air of Adidas Superstar II Violett White Comfort adiColors to find the last one and the first was ten years earlier and also the Superstar II model.
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