playerhot Heard Vardy may Get Additional Punishment

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playerhot Heard Vardy may Get Additional Punishment

Message par futshop » Lun 15 Mai, 2017 6:33

playerhot Heard Vardy may Get Additional Punishment

In the game between Leicester City and West Ham, Vardy scored a goal for the team. But his following falling in the restricted area was judged as diving by the referee. Two yellow cards accumulated and he was sent off. What's worse, a move of Vardy in the game could make him suffer further punishment from the FA cheap fifa 17 coins .

According to which has the cheapest fifa 17 Coins after long time search on the internet, after 29-year-old Vardy got a second yellow card at 56th minute of the game, he pointed his finger at referee Jon Moss and roared to him angrily.

Currently, Leicester City is 8 fifa 17 ps coins points ahead of Tottenham. If the referee recorded the behavior of Vardy, he is likely to face further punishment from the FA. Earlier this month, Costa from Chelsea was suspended for an additional game and 20,000 pounds penalty by the FA because of similar behavior in the game. And he was also warned by the FA.
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