Chinese forest products

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Chinese forest products

Message par qizhen111 » Ven 19 Mai, 2017 7:41

Aid peace is triplex Mu Yechao thin high density spends beaverboard to achieve international banner level On December 26, 2016, expert of organization of association of industry of Chinese forest products is peaceful to Shandong aid triplex limited company develops wooden line of business " beaverboard of ultrathin high density " had new product identification,

appraisal committee thinks this product has very strong innovation sex, achieve international banner level. The cognizance of result of this one appraisal, can say to indicating a of production level of our country beaverboard historic breakthrough, be sure to bring far-reaching influence to industry development.

This product producer goods is given priority to with broad Xie Cai, use the fiber of high quality of grind segment preparation of special structure, use resin of Gao Chu's agglutinant modified Niao aldehyde, the outfit of board base shop that manufacturer developed associated equipment to suit beaverboard of ultrathin high density to produce, warm-up is pressed beforehand, make the same score continuously pressure, roller knife is cut into parts board wait for equipment and craft, "outdoor flooring from salvaged,picket fence not wood,outdoor rubber waterproof flooring"
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