How to do daily maintenance

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How to do daily maintenance

Message par qizhen111 » Ven 19 Mai, 2017 0:41

<P>First, the establishment of conservation engineering company talked about doing a good job maintenance companies will have to talk about the establishment of the maintenance company. Since we have to set up a person, financial, independent of the main market economy,Urban Road Pavement Maintenance Machinery we have the responsibility to lay a good foundation for it. Companies from the day we set up to give it a good congenital conditions.</P>
<P>To establish a full corporate law in the sense of the legal entity. The establishment of a limited liability company or a joint stock limited liability company. The form of ownership of the conservation company should be reasonable: the company's asset structure, equity set up to meet the actual situation in China. Must be based on local economic development to develop. To deal with the relationship between state-owned assets and private assets to maximize the use of funds to improve efficiency. So do not take the form of the company to determine the company's advanced nature. The proportion of state-owned assets can be greater than 50%, private assets can also be held,infrared paving repair sale workers can also be shareholders. Can not be conservative and can not blindly pursue the private sector, seeking truth from facts to local conditions.</P>
<P>At present, the three forms of expressway maintenance companies in China are the choice of partners based on the best possible completion of expressway maintenance work: it is necessary to choose a strategic partner with a vision. Partners should not only see the potential market of highway maintenance engineering companies can only focus on immediate benefits. Because the highway is an important infrastructure for the development of the national economy, the highway has a public welfare, integrity, the world also put the road into the social welfare undertakings. Expressway has the basic attributes of goods: value and use value. The highway does not have another characteristic of the commodity - the exchangeability. Moreover, the highway is not competitive. So the road is not a commodity,road construction vehicles wholesaler the general law of the market economy is not suited to the development of highway business. Highway business belongs to public welfare undertakings, highway business is to serve the whole society, to ensure the normal operation of the community as a whole.</P>
<P>Maintenance companies to improve the management 1, the company should improve the management system to complete the construction enterprise qualification in place, to obtain maintenance qualification, the formation of international standards with the quality of ISO9000-2001, environmental ISO14000, safety 18000, the operating system. Building qualification is to participate in the national construction competition permit, maintenance qualification is the industry within the rigid requirements, both for the conservation company are indispensable. Quality, environmental protection, security system is currently the most scientific enterprise in the international standard operating system. If the enterprise to establish a set of international quality, environmental protection,cement road cutting machine security system can make the enterprise management efficiency, standards, lasting, and continuous improvement, so that the various systems into a virtuous circle.</P>
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