furniture moistureproof maintenance knowledge

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furniture moistureproof maintenance knowledge

Message par qizhen111 » Jeu 18 Mai, 2017 14:06

<p>door and the wall is too little &amp;nbsp; many all inclusive decoration decoration in order to save costs, often cut corners in materials. The most common problem in the door is a fixed point of the door and the wall is too small, a two meter high door, but on three small pieces of wood fixed, its strong and stable degree as can be imagined. Supervision opinion: more support, glue filled &amp;nbsp; door frame and door </p>
<p>should be fixed, support for multi points, leveling and vertical after application of glue filled, to strengthen the degree of firmness. Other wood products, such as window sets should also refer to this standard. &amp;nbsp; Part2: to guard the house with color decoration material selection University asked many people love their own fancy style let woodworking do, but make the effect difference, not only is the texture </p>
<p>and color are not the same, this is a headache. Decoration carpentry construction materials must be optimistic about the election of the color, so as to avoid the effect of differences. Common problems: design and physical error &amp;nbsp; most of the time we will encounter this problem, it is clear that the design is a kind of sample, and after the completion of the production is another kind of sample. In the </p>
<p>fixing timber cladding over composite wall<br />
wood deck baluster panels<br />
germany composite decking</p>
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