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the company produces

Message par qizhen111 » Jeu 18 Mai, 2017 8:00

the furniture sale status that the company produces is very hot. The De Jiamu industry of expensive harbor city that is located at area of garden of Changjiang Delta industry is to produce face plate of furniture base material, adornment technically to wait for the wooden industry that assembles data to process a business, this enterprise and Beijing admire company of furniture of heart Yue wood to reach collaboration this year, by Dejiamu course of study provides raw material,

inside garden area the furniture austral construction China produces base, implementation treatment, shape, pack wait for unifinication production, promoted this business by rough machining to profound treatment upgrade. Yang Zhi of this company president tells a reporter, the company predicts put into production next two product line,

at the appointed time one day can open 10 thousand Zhang Ban's makings, production value of a year can achieve a 100 million above, creation gain is achieved 40 million the left and right sides, taxation amounts to 5 million yuan or so. The development of these two companies expands, cannot leave in recent years government of the district austral harbor and of concerned branch support energetically. "In recent years, we increase the strength that capital attraction and branch give aid to, the area austral harbor is on the foundation of plant of traditional before 30 much furniture, recommended 16 household company again this year. "vinyl fence panels that look like wood,plastic wood composite machine manufacturer in india,decking timber toxicity"
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