exit of timber production

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exit of timber production

Message par qizhen111 » Jeu 18 Mai, 2017 3:43

Our country is big country of exit of timber production, wooden furniture, also be lumber consumption big country. Make clear in the center of put forward, should energetically " advance zoology civilization to build, build beautiful China hard " development target. Relevant expert points out, stop in the round natural forest traffic fells, lumber industry demand will turn to an entrance in the round imperative. Entrance lumber to examining quarantine job asks extremely tall.

Traditional processing takes the harmful biologic step that carries in condition lumber is to adopt processing of bromic firedamp suffocating, because its efficiency is low, pollution is tall, be opposite especially of ozonosphere play havoc with action, already began to ban in the round inside alive bound limits with. Except harm without effective quarantine manage is prevented control information about and appraisal of an epidemic, cause suffer into condition lumber be restricted, suffocate suffocate.

Seek green, environmental protection, efficient quarantine to replace bromic firedamp suffocating except harm manage means, make raw material of industry of lumber of the our country that defeat solution the crucial factor of severe shortage problem. Set out from environmental protection and the point of view that the plant protects, quarantine is sure to handle the direction that is the mainstream to develop with physics forward except harm manage method. "indoor tongue and groove ceiling boards dallas texas,Cheap Project Materials Wpc decking For Fence,hinoki wood decking planks"
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