successful experience

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successful experience

Message par qizhen111 » Jeu 18 Mai, 2017 1:43

Moderator: We have heard the marshal about his seven perspectives, in fact, the reason why we are satisfied from the pedal just arrived in Hangzhou three rounds, selling beer, the successful experience of the beginning up to now.
If all of our dealers, to do bigger and stronger, we dealers in the obstacles we do big and strong, what other factors are to stop us?Shaw-General: Firstly, on the aspects of ideas, If your idea is very clear, and there is a very clear plan, step by step, go easy success, which is the core.
The next aspects, I think that the success of any enterprise is a joint and innovation in the world, If a dealer can obtain the support and cooperation of others, it is also a very important way to become bigger and stronger.
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