Complete the spring to restore the work of the road

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Complete the spring to restore the work of the road

Message par qizhen111 » Mer 17 Mai, 2017 8:16

<P>In order to ensure the safety of the vehicles under the jurisdiction of the section during the Spring Festival this year, the Nanhu Highway Management Branch has conscientiously arranged for the resumption of traffic during the Spring Festival, and as of May 10.high tech asphalt repair products</P>
<P>Spring River road to resume work, the branch will focus on the provincial highway 235 line K91-K150 road disease between serious sections. As soon as possible to enhance the quality of road conditions, the elimination of road safety hazards, South Lake Road Branch in accordance with the standardization of conservation work requirements, deployed elite forces to organize the construction. As the South Lake Road Branch of the provincial highway 235 line,repairs road cracks located in the Gobi Desert, the climate is harsh, frequent natural disasters, but also to connect Hami and Luozhong area important channel, almost all the Hami to Luozhong area heavy traffic Volume, resulting in a sharp decline in road conditions, pavement disease increased significantly.</P>
<P>In the construction process, the staff strictly operating procedures, strict construction process, while ensuring the safety of construction at the same time, to ensure the construction quality. As of May 10,sealmaster crack sealing equipment a total of 4056 square meters to complete the pit repair, eliminating the road safety hazards, to enhance the capacity of the pipeline sections, the effective completion of the spring during the road to restore the work.</P>
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