The case study rises

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The case study rises

Message par qizhen111 » Mer 17 Mai, 2017 8:11

Of the numerous course of study that send wood history the manager expresses, of value of this pineapple division climb substantially litre, besides downstream market demand drive besides, below main profit from a few elements:

Be marine charge rise. After from before a few months Han Jinhai carry goes bankrupt, marine charge appeared to rise globally, the transport costs of crate by 3800 yuan before / ark left and right sides rises reach 8000 yuan / ark, the abidance of together with RMB devalues, in many sided element drive below, the stock cost of pineapple case is pushed raised near 100 dollars / stere.

2 it is the market lasts small stock moves, supply and demand is contradictory and outstanding. From last year the end of the year comes before this year 3 quarters, the abidance of demand of downstream market of home of be enslaved to be enslaved to is fatigued and weak, the price of pineapple case falls to " freezing point " , the price is hanged quite serious. "park bench slat replacements,outdoor notice board supplier,glue pvc boards to a wall"
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